PFT – Day 22 (ep:06) – The Other Business Start Up Idea

How in the world do we actually start a business? What do we do first? Do we need money? 
Funny enough I actually found another podcast that had a similar idea as me. 
Although they start producing the podcast from Day 1. Meaning they got investors to put in money. 
He edited it and produced it so it sounded professional. 
That is exactly what I DON’T WANT to do. I want this to be as raw and as authentic as possible so that everybody listening gets a true sense of the reality of starting a business. 
If you listened to a PRODUCED podcast and think…”dang that’s sounds great…thats probably easy enough to do.” , chances are when you go to try it…you will be very surprised.
Enjoy the true reality of this!

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PFT – Day 21 (ep:05) – Passions & Business Strategy

Building freedom in your life through business doesn’t have to be starting pepsi…or google…or facebook. 
Think about this…what if you could could charge 10 people $1000 for you service? How would that change your life?
What if you could charge 100 people $500 for your service? How would that change your life? 
You have something to offer that other people want and it starts with knowing your passion!
What are you passionate about every day? 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday..and oh yes Saturday & Sunday! 
A passion you can offer to help other get better at or do easier or faster? 
I know you have it in you!
And as always…updates to PFT!

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PFT – Day 19 (ep:04) – Fighting Your Protecting Inner Voice & Updates To PFT

We are back with episode 4, day 19. I’m excited! PFT is quickly building momentum and hopefully you’re keeping up with the changes.

In this episode I talk about fighting the inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough or can’t achieve our dreams. 

We need to fight this! We need to rage a battle on this inner voice because they’re wrong…period! 

No matter what that self protecting inner voice is telling you, speak out against it. I’ll find myself speaking out loud…to MYSELF…doing anything I can to battle that voice. 

I also give you the updates on PFT and some of the changes are happening now that is Day 19. 


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PFT – Day 15 (ep:03) – Your Actions Create Your Life

I’m on a roll here at PFT now that I got itunes publishing the podcast! Lots of great stuff happening and I’m making changes quick so be sure to follow the progress of the website and listen to all the podcast episodes to keep up. 
This episode is going to be about being honest with yourself. We all need to realize that the situation we’re in is because of our decisions and ours alone. 
Will bad things happen in life? Of course…but it is how we respond with our actions and decisions that will ultimately form our happiness and freedom in life.

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PFT -Day 14 (ep:02) – Never Give Up!

Well we’re on episode 2. I’ve now recorded 6 podcasts but just got approval from itunes yesterday! So today I’m publishing the second of the 6 podcasts I’ve recorded. 
You’ll also notice that there are Day numbers on the podcast. This is days since I first purchased the domain on godaddy…
…or basically the birth of “Personal Freedom Trainer”. 
I’ll now keep a running count of days since birth so you can continually see and follow the progress of the business with strategies and methods I implement. 
I’ll also start taking screenshots so you can see the progress. In the following episodes you’ll hear how I get the podcast up and running and also get some other insights into mental toughness and fighting the business battle and change of life!

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PFT -Day 13 (ep:01) – Introduction, Vision, Goals & Who Am I

This is the first episode of the Personal Freedom Trainer podcast! Welcome!
I’m going to show you how to create a business from the ground up and find freedom in all aspects of life. 
Whether your goal is to quit your 9-5 or simply create more freedom, this podcast will give you inspiration, motivation, and actionable tips along way as you watch me build this business throughout this podcast.

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