PFT -Day 14 (ep:02) – Never Give Up!

[Podcast] Well we’re on episode 2. I’ve now recorded 6 podcasts but just got approval from itunes yesterday! So today I’m publishing the second of the 6 podcasts I’ve recorded.

You’ll also notice that there are Day numbers on the podcast. This is days since I first purchased the domain on godaddy…

…or basically the birth of “Personal Freedom Trainer”.

I’ll now keep a running count of days since birth so you can continually see and follow the progress of the business with strategies and methods I implement.

I’ll also start taking screenshots so you can see the progress. Unfortunately I didn’t start from the beginning but the only change has been the title of the website on the home page! See below.


Pic of the PFT website on 7-27-17

As you can see it’s still completely a template.

In the following episodes you’ll hear how I get the podcast up and running and also get some other insights into mental toughness and fighting the business battle and change of life!


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